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My Adventures with ChickenSpike

A Children’s Fantasy Book intended for readers in 2nd through 4th grades.
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This book is about a 4th grade boy who is being bullied, and must learn to face his fears.

Words from the Author

I wrote this book for children who need a page turner.  When I was young I hated reading.  I struggled with the learning disability of dyslexia.  Reading was not enjoyable, because I struggled over each and every word.  Later in life, I learned how to overcome the challenges of dyslexia.  When I did, I endeavored to write a book that made children want to keep turning the pages until they finished the book.  My Adventures with Chickenspike is that book.

Main Characters

Harry Hearthstone is a 4th grader at Sunny Hill Elementary School.  He is smart; perhaps too smart.  He out witted the biggest bully ever to walk the halls of Sunny Hill, and now it looks like Harry will have to pay the price.

ChickenSpike is a being from another planet.  He is part man and part bird.  ChickenSpike is huge.  His planet is on the brink of destruction, because all the tribes are at war.  ChickenSpike has been sent to Earth to find Harry Hearthstone.

But will Harry be able to overcome his fears?  Will Harry have what it takes to face creatures that make the Bully of Sunny Hill look tiny and timid in comparison?

A Free Look Inside…

Chapter One

The Bully of Sunny Hill Elementary


I knew that I was in trouble when I heard Caesar Slack’s angry voice.

“Harry Hearthstone!  You pipsqueak. You little fourth grader!  Stop!  Bow to your King!”

Caesar Slack caught me with his chubby, fat fist and sent me doubling over into the dirt. I tried to hide my pain, but I couldn’t.  My stomach felt as if it had just been tied into a triple looping knot.  A tear welled up rolling over my lower lash.

Caesar had always hated his name.  He thought that it sounded rather sissy.  His mother, on the other hand, loved it.  Then one day in social studies, Caesar Slack found out about the Roman Emperor with the same name as him.  It wasn’t long before Caesar had all of the younger boys and girls in our school calling him Caesar the Great, and worshipping him as king – or else!

‘Think quickly,’ I said to myself. To Caesar I said, “Why Caesar, what a lovely day in your kingdom.  How may I be of service to your majesty?”  My voice squeaked a little as my stomach attempted to untangle itself.

Caesar Slack had dirty, brown hair that shot out in all directions from his overly round head, like a loosely wrung mop turned upside down.  He was the type of boy who never spoke quietly and right now he was mad – real mad.

Caesar screamed, “I think you was lying to me when you gave me them smartness pills! I still flunked my math test yesterday!”

I looked up from the ground.  “Your majesty. May I have permission to speak?”

He kicked dirt into my face with his big, sixth grade foot. “Speak up, peasant!”

“Well your royal-ness, you’ve only been taking those pills for three weeks.  Sometimes they take a while to start working.  I’ll bet you will be getting smarter real soon.”

“You know what I think?”  Caesar was so mad spit started spraying out from between his chapped lips.  “I think that them ain’t smartness pills at all. I think that they were rabbit pellets!”


You see, I started giving Caesar my rabbit’s dinner about three weeks ago.  He had stopped me on the playground and asked me why I was so smart.  He said that he would beat me to a pulp every day if I didn’t help him.  I knew that I needed to think quickly.  I told him that I took smartness pills.  Naturally he just had to have some, so I started giving him my rabbit’s food.  At the time I thought it would be a great way to get back at him for picking on all my friends.  Now it looked like I was going to have to pay.


I stood up, looked Caesar square in the eyes and said, “See, you’re getting smarter already.  I think those pills are starting to work!”

At first Caesar smiled.  For an instant he thought that maybe the pills were working.  Perhaps he was getting smarter.  Then it hit him.  He realized that I was making fun of him.  He realized that I had fed him rabbit food.  His mouth dropped open.

He couldn’t believe that I would ever dare such a stunt.  He couldn’t believe that I would stand right in front of him, and make jokes about him getting smarter because of rabbit pellets.  His chapped lips cracked as he screamed.

I lost no time.  My legs moved in a blur, kicking up a cloud of dust five feet high.  Out like a shot I flew.  Caesar Slack did his best to get his roly-poly body in motion.  But it was no use; I was gone.

Caesar screamed, “I’ll get you Harry Hearthstone!”


I’m sorry.  I haven’t even introduced myself.  My name is Harry Hearthstone.  I’m in Mrs. O’Mara’s fourth grade class at Sunny Hill Elementary School in Santa Rosa, California.  Although my parents keep boasting about my IQ, I think I’m an average fourth grader.  I’m about the same height as all my classmates.  I have brown hair, brown eyes, and I love to climb trees.  But, my favorite thing in the world to do is play kick ball.

Well, back to my story.


It was recess and the whole class raced from the room.  We left our papers cluttered all over our desks, and our chairs scattered this way and that.  Mrs. O’Mara yelled, “You look like a herd of wildebeest!”  Then she smiled, feeling clever because we had just finished studying the animals of the African Plains.  She was always saying funny things to get the class to laugh.

I was laughing, and thinking that everything was just fine, as I headed towards the playground.  That’s when Caesar attacked.  He came at me like a speeding locomotive.  He dove into my stomach and we both went rolling to the ground.  We rolled three times before we stopped.  Caesar sat heavy upon my chest.  Then he stood up, hovering over me like a professional boxer.  He was just hoping that I would be stupid enough to get up.  I was not that stupid!

The next thing I knew, Caesar Slack, the biggest bully that Sunny Hill Elementary School had ever seen, looked scared.  No.  He looked more than scared.  He looked plumb horrified.  I thought that Mrs. O’Mara must be on her way.  I stood up, thinking that my teacher was standing behind me.  I waited to hear her familiar voice, but she never spoke.

That’s when I met ChickenSpike.

I felt a tug at my shoulders and the funny sensation of running without my feet touching the ground.  As I rose higher and higher the kids beneath me stopped playing and looked up in awe.  The playground looked small.  My mind was whirling like the blades of a helicopter.  I wondered what was lifting me so high above the ground.  I turned my head and saw bright orange claws with pitch-black tips digging into my jean jacket.

I knew that whatever held me had to be huge, about twelve feet huge.  It took me to the roof of the principal’s building and lowered me gently down.  I spun around and saw ChickenSpike for the first time.

He was a bird – sort of – and sort of not. His head had tiny white feathers covering his entire face, except along the top.  Across the top of his head there were tall fire red feathers that spiked up into a long Mohawk.  His eyes were as black as a dark basement closet, and his body hulked out with massive muscles, hidden only by a jean jacket with the sleeves torn off.

The giant bird hovered over me, its long white wings flapping lightly in the warm breeze.  A crowd of kids gathered below watching.  In the back of my mind I could hear Mrs. O’Mara yelling up at me to stand still.  She said that she was coming up.  I wondered what she thought she could do.

“Bwaaaauk, Harry!”  The bird grumbled out my name.

I was shocked.  I had never heard a bird talk before.  I stumbled backwards, tripped over the gutter and began to fall.  The crowd below shrieked.  The huge bird whipped out its long talons and grabbed me, ripping through my jacket.  He pulled me back up onto the roof.

A smile came to the bird’s beak and its voice sounded like a speeding train, “Bwaaaauk Harry, I’ve been looking all over for you.  My name is ChickenSpike.  I’m from the planet Checkmaw.  I have come because I need your help.  My planet is in trouble and only you can save it.  Will you come with me and help save my planet?  Bwaaaauk, bwaaaauk.”

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