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This page is dedicated to my educational game, TeachersDungeonand keeping it FREE for all teachers, parents, and children.  Simply click on any of the following product links, then shop like normal on Amazon, and you will help keep TeachersDungeon completely FREE.
The items on this page are products that I have purchased.  Unlike my other posts, they have nothing to do with education, but are very cool products that I love!

Gymnastic Rings

I have a set of rings similar to these in my garage.  I use them to do all sorts  of gymnastics strength routines.  If you scroll down the page, I have added some videos that show how to set them up, and how I use them in my workouts.


If you are visiting this page because you are a believer in my free educational game, TeachersDungeon, and you want help supplement the cost of keeping it alive – simply click on the rings above, or any of the product below.  That will take you to Amazon.

Better yet…
Bookmark this page and label it “Amazon“. 

When your ready to purchase something from Amazon, click on any of the product links, and you will help supplement the cost of keeping TeachersDungeon FREE. 

Once on Amazon – you can search for anything you like, just as you normally do.  You will pay the exact same price, but you’ll help keep a great educational game alive and free for all teachers, parents, and their children.

I offset the expenses of keeping TeachersDungeon free through the use of this educational blog.  The blog offers tips and tricks for parents, teachers, and students.  I have also written a few educational books that I sell to supplement the cost of TeachersDungeon.  Finally, I give reviews for product sold through Amazon.  If someone reads my review and clicks on a link, I make a small commission – even if they purchase something other than the product that I reviewed.

In the event that I have a surplus in funds through the sale of my books and/or my product reviews – I donate 25% of all profits to local schools in December of each year.

A little Snippet about TeachersDungeon

TeachersDungeon is an educational fantasy game.  It is set to the Common Core Educational Standards for children in 2nd through 6th grades.  The game covers questions in the four main subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies/History, and Science.  Originally, TeachersDungeon was a freemium game, where parts of the game were free, but other parts were only accessible to people who purchased a premiere membership.   After a number of years trying to compete against multi-million dollar companies like Disney, Houghton Mifflin, and Nintendo, I decided to make my game entirely free for all teachers, parents, and children.

I am excited about this new free version for a number of reasons.

MORE TEACHERS THAN EVER HAVE DECIDED TO USE MY GAME.  Some teachers are using TeachersDungeon for extra-credit, others as a homework supplement, and one said she uses it as a daily warm-up, while she takes roll.  Personally, I love giving my students a Dungeon Challenge.  I challenge my kids to answer 100 questions per week with a proficiency of at least 80%. My students love the challenges, because they can win extra credit, a root beer float, or anything else I want to use to entice their greatest effort.

HALL OF FAME – CONVINCE ME’s.  The absolute coolest thing about TeachersDungeon is the fact that children can create and submit their own video tutorials.  I develop TeachersDungeon so that students could fulfill the educational standard of Explaining Their Reasoning.  This is the best way to solidify knowledge.  When one child teaches another child how to solve a problem, the child that is teaching gains a deeper understanding of whatever he or she is explaining.  With TeachersDungeon, children can create a video tutorial that gets linked to a specific question from the game.  Once approved, that video is played for any child who gets that question wrong.

Here’s a few of samples of Hall of FameConvince Me’s.

Click here to see all the cool ways that TeachersDungeon can be used by Teachers, Parents, and their Children.

On to the Products

Balega Ultralight Athletic Socks for Men and Women

I purchased a number of these socks.  They are my all-time favorite socks.  They wick the sweat better than any other sock I have tried.  I used to get horrible blisters during my Annual Father/Son Backpacking trip, but with these socks – I get no more!


TEKTON 1/2-Inch Drive
Click Torque Wrench

I purchased this torque wrench, because I needed to change a tire on my camper-tailor.  I did not want to go too tight and strip the threads or go too loose and have my tire fly off.  I went to ACE Hardware, but their torque wrenches were not as good, and a lot more expensive.  I am very pleased with the Tekton wrench.

NEXTOUR Bike Gloves

I recently purchased these glove and really like them.  I am very finicky when it come to my mountain biking gloves.  They have to be comfortable, and can not have too much padding, or your hands cramp on a longer ride.  These are great!


PORTER-CABLE Combo Drill Kit

I absolutely love my new drill kit.  I bought these drills mainly to stabilize my trailer.  It’s a lot easier than getting out the hand crank every time I set up my trailer.  I needed a drill with  a lot of torque, so I could level my trailer when it is park on unleveled ground.  This drill does the job, and I love it.

Unigear Hydration Pack

I am planning on purchasing this hydration pack in the near future.  I’ll let you know how it works once I purchase it and try it out.

Here is a video on how to install your very own Ring System

A while back my brother, who was also a collegiate gymnast, came for a visit.  He tried out my Ring System and loved it.  I told him how to build one of his own, and now he has a Ring System in his basement.  I decided to make this little video on how to construct your own Ring Pulley System, because I know their are a lot of old gymnasts like me who would love this thing!  So, here you go…

I put the items needed to create your own Ring System at the bottom of this page.  The materials for the ring workout system will cost about $350, but to me it is worth every penny!

Special Note:  I am NOT a construction dude.  Before you attach your ring system to any structure, I suggest that you contact a local contractor to make sure that the structure will hold your weight.

My ring system is set up so that I can use it as  a “Ring Pulley System” or a TRX Workout system.  These first two videos are examples of a Ring Pulley System Workout.  I love it, because the pulley cut my weight in half, which makes it possible for me to do most of the strength skills that I competed in college – Very Fun – Very Cool!

My Favorite Workouts

I got inspired after watching the olympics!

The video below shows how my ring system can be used like a TRX machine.  This is why I love my ring system.  I can use it as a Ring Pulley System like in the videos above.  I can also bypass the pulleys and work with my full weight.  My rings are adjustable, so I can work pull-up when they are high, dips when they are mid-height, or flies (as I demonstrate below) when they are low.

Here are the items you need if you want to build your very own Ring System:

Gymnastic Rings

I have a set of rings similar to these in my garage.  I use them to do all sorts  of gymnastics strength routines.  If you scroll down the page, I have added some videos that show how to set them up and how to use them.

Price: $33



You’ll have to cut the rope to fit your needs.

Price: $31





Price: $27




Gymnastics Spotting Belt

Price: $180



Better safe than sorry, but I suggest you don’t fall!

Price: $90



I hope you enjoyed this post.
If you have a question or comment, please leave a it below.

Have a great day – Brian McCoy

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