How to do Long Division – Five Digits Divided by Three (56,566 ÷ 768) with Online Tutoring in Math

How to do Long Division - Six Digits Divided by Three

One of the most daunting challenges for a fifth or sixth grader is dividing a five or six digit number by a three digit number like 56,566 ÷ 768.  Every year I get a number of students who do not know their multiplication facts, which makes division problems like these next to impossible.  In order to help these students I developed Area Division.  Area Division is designed in a manner that ensures all children can be successful when dividing large numbers.  This is the fifth article in a series of seven.  Each article is a complete lesson on division.  If you have not read the first article, you can click here to read why my strategies are so very successful.  In this fifth article we will focus on four digit numbers divided by two digit numbers.  Every problem has its own video tutorial, offering immediate online tutoring for your child.

When you complete this article, click here to move to the next lesson, How to do Long Division – Dividing when your answer is a Decimal.

With the standard algorithm for division, children are taught to round the divisor up or down before estimating how many time the divisor will go into the dividend.  This can cause frustration and a lot of erasing!  For example, with the problem 43,642 ÷ 739; Children are taught to round 739 down to 700.  Next, since 739 x 6 = 4434, you would multiply by 6.  But as you can see below, the 6 is too high and that would put you over, so you would have to erase and try again.

With Area Division, children will never get frustrated, because they never guess too high and have to erase!

If you watch one of my videos, you can see this strategy in action.
The strategy of counting by the numbers is designed specifically for children who do NOT know their multiplication facts.  My goal is for children is to memorize their multiplication facts.  However, until they know all their facts, they need a strategy.  Counting by the numbers is the easiest strategy to learn.  Therefore, I have added counting by the numbers to the end of each and every video.  Children who do not know all their multiplication facts should watch and count with me at the end of each of these videos until they can count by all the number on their own.  Repetition of this strategy will help in all areas of math that require multiplication.  Once a child knows all their multiplication facts, they can stop the videos after the problem is solved and before Counting by the Numbers begins.

I have scaffold the problems in each lesson.  The first problem is a “Watch Me” problem.  The second is a “Work with Me” problem.  All the rest are “On Your Own” problems.  For more information about the scaffolding process, visit the first article on How to do Long Division.

*If your child continues to struggle, they should complete the “On Your Own” problems as a “Work with Me” problem.  I have a number of students with gaps in their learning and others with a variety of  learning disabilities.  I have had incredible success, by having those students complete 5 to 7 problems within each lesson as a “Work with Me” problem.  They play a bit of the video, then pause it  and copy, then watch a bit more, pause it and copy.  My students Play – Pause – and Copy until the entire problem is solved.  This is like having a personal tutor working through each and every problem with your child.  Every one of my students who has used this strategy has passed the Common Core Proficiency Exam.

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How to do Long Division with Online Tutoring in Math: Challenge 1
Watch Me
Flying to the Moon

You recently joined the Junior NASA Club of America.  As a member of the club, you get to board a rocket ship and fly to the moon.  You will land on the moon and stay there fore 24 hours.  Then you will return home.  The moon is 239,145 miles from Earth.  Your rocket ship will fly 321 miles per hour.  How long will it take you to reach the moon?

Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video!

Press PLAY and Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video below.  Then copy these strategies into your notes!


Does Your Child Need a Great Book to Read?

My son read every single one of these Magic Tree House books when he was young.  They really helped to develop his reading fluency as well as his comprehension.

I wrote this book when I was teaching in the primary grades.  It’s about a fourth grade boy who is being bullied.  He is taken to another world where he learns to face his fears. In the process, he saves the entire planet from an all-out war. I wrote this book as a testament to myself.  I have dyslexia, and for years I felt limited by my disability.  I decided to write a novel to prove that no disability could hold me back.  Return to the Elves is a fantasy book for children in fifth and sixth grades. This is my all-time favorite book for 6th grade.
It is about a young lady in the time of the Pharos.  She is quite the heroine. This book dovetails perfectly with the sixth grade standard of studying Ancient Egypt.

Could your child benefit from a little One-On-One tutoring?

The problem below is called a “Work with Me” challenge.  This challenge encourages your child to work step-by-step along side me to solve this challenge.  All of the following challenges are called “On Your Own” challenges.  However, many of my students who struggle with division will do five or six of the “On Your Own” challenges as a “Work with Me” challenge.  They play the video, pause it, and copy the strategies until they feel comfortable and confident.  Doing the problems as a “Work with Me” challenge is like having a personal tutor.

How to do Long Division with Online Tutoring in Math: Challenge 2
Work With Me
Don’t Cry Over Spilt Sugar

It’s your mother’s birthday, so you decide to bake her a cake.  You reach for the sugar and carry it from the pantry towards the counter.  Unfortunately, the bag rips.  Sugar spills all over the floor. There are 56,566 granules of sugar on your kitchen floor.  You begin to sweep the sugar up with a broom and dust pan.  If each scoop of the dust pan picks up 768 granules of sugar, how many scoops will you need to complete before you have it all picked up?

Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video!

Gather your materials and press PLAY.  We’ll solve this problem together, while you watch the math tutorial video below.
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Do your children get frustrated when they make a mistake?

We all make mistakes.  As a matter of fact, making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process.  This is why at the end of each of the following “On Your Own” challenges I encourage children to fix their mistakes.  Finding and fixing your own mistake is the fastest way to learn.

How to do Long Division with Online Tutoring in Math: Challenge 3
On Your Own
Australian Ant Eaters

The largest ant colony in the US is in California.  This one ant colony runs for 560 miles along the coast.  What if 246 Australian Ant Eaters escaped from the zoo and started eating as fast as they could?  What if they ate a total of 44,034 ants before they were caught and returned to the zoo?  If they all eat the same amount of ants, how many ants would each ant eater have eaten?

Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video!

Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!

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How to do Long Division with Online Tutoring in Math: Challenge 4
On Your Own
Mosquitoes on Silver Lake

You live on Silver Lake.  It’s beautiful, and you love swimming in the cool waters on hot days.  Unfortunately, there are 327,294 mosquitoes that fly around your lake and attack you when you’re trying to swim.  Luckily the bats come out at night.  There are 342 bats that live near Silver Lake.  If each bat ate the same amount of mosquitoes, how many mosquitoes must each bat each in order for your lake home to be free of the blood sucking insects?

Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video!
Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!

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How to do Long Division with Online Tutoring in Math: Challenge 5
On Your Own
Scorpion Attack

Your home is under attack.  There are 244,942 scorpions racing down the hill toward your home.  Luckily, you raise meerkats, which eat scorpions.  As a matter of fact, scorpions are like a big old chocolate cake to meerkat.  They think scorpions are tasty.  You have 147 meerkats at your home.  You let all your meerkats go in your yard to protect you from the scorpions.  How many scorpions must each meerkat eat in order to save your home from this scorpion attack?

Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video!
Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!

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How to do Long Division with Online Tutoring in Math: Challenge 6
On Your Own
Burgess the Brilliant

Burgess Buck, or Burgess the Brilliant to all his friends.  Burgess has a beautiful rack upon his head.  It is the envy of all the over bucks. Unfortunately, it is also the envy of all hunters from Maine to Miami.  During hunting season, Burgess uses his brilliance to craw under tree-limbs, leap over bushes, or just sit still.  He has foiled hunters’ attempts to win his rack.  As a matter of fact, Burgess has outwitted 72,349 hunters over the past 237 days.  How many hunters has Burgess outwitted per day?

Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video!

Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!

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How to do Long Division with Online Tutoring in Math: Challenge 7
On Your Own
Marcella the Monarch

Daniella found this monarch butterfly on her front porch.  She named it Marcella the Monarch. When trying to stay airborne during a windy day, Marcella must flap her wings 21,286 time every 186 second.  How many time does Marcella flap her wings per second on a windy day?

Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video!
Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!

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How to do Long Division with Online Tutoring in Math: Challenge 8
On Your Own
Salina the Singing Giraffe

Meet Salina the singing giraffe.  While other giraffes eat, Salina sings.  She hits high notes.  She hits low notes.  Salina sings so well that lions stop hunting, lay down, and listen whenever Salina sings.

Over the past 792 hours, Salina has saved 84,593 animals from being chased by lions.  That’s right, 84,593 animals were able to eat in peace, because of Salina’s soothing songs.  If Salina’s singing saved the same amount of animals each hour, how many animals per hour did Salina save from getting chased by lions?

Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video!
Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!

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How to do Long Division with Online Tutoring in Math: Challenge 9
On Your Own
Danika the Dancing Vulture

Meet Danika the Dancing Vulture.  Her favorite song to dance to is, “You put your right foot in. You put your right foot out.  You put your right foot in and you shake it all about…”

Danika has shook her feet, her wings, her head, and her tail feathers 36,851 times over the past 465 hours.  On average, about how many times per hour did Danika the Dancing Vulture shake her feet, wings, head, and tail feathers?

Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video!
Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!

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How to do Long Division with Online Tutoring in Math: Challenge 10
On Your Own
Lonely Tree

Take a look at this lonely tree.  It is the only tree on this ridge.  It has been stretching, soaking in the suns rays, and growing leaves for the past year.  It produced 93,734 leaves in the last 364 days.  If it produced the same amount of leaves each day, how many leaves did this tree grow per day?

Watch this Free Tutoring for Math Video!
Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!
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Drill & Kill

Here is where we Drill until we Kill all our mistakes!

  1. The following problems can all be solved with the same strategies we used to solve the first ten problems.
  2. Solve all four problems on each page.
  3. Watch the video & correct your work.
  4. Review your work with your teacher.
  5. If you get all 4 problems correct, your parent or teacher may tell you that you’re ready to move to the next book within this series.

Good Luck!

Drill & Kill Any Mistakes

Problem 1      93,189 ÷ 678 =
Problem 2     74,286 ÷ 646 =
Problem 3     37,947 ÷ 568 =
Problem 4     12,762 ÷ 439 =
Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!

Drill & Kill Any Mistakes

Problem 1      53,455 ÷ 642 =
Problem 2     37,879 ÷ 837 =
Problem 3     83,963 ÷ 473 =
Problem 4     21,721 ÷ 361 =
Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!

Drill & Kill Any Mistakes

Problem 1      33,594 ÷ 469 =
Problem 2     44,389 ÷ 378 =
Problem 3     66,752 ÷ 707 =
Problem 4     22,988 ÷ 256 =
Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!

Drill & Kill Any Mistakes

Problem 1      94,992 ÷ 809 =
Problem 2     76,009 ÷ 879 =
Problem 3     58,098 ÷ 368 =
Problem 4     49,176 ÷ 764 =
Once you complete the problem – Hit PLAY on the math tutorial video below.  Good Luck!
Need Help with Multiplication?

I have a series on Multiplication that is specifically designed for children who do not have all of their multiplication facts memorized.   The series is designed in a similar manner to this series on division, where each and every problem is linked to a video tutorial.  Here is a link to my series on Multiplication.

Thank you for reading this article!

Want More Tutorials?

TeachersDungeon is an Educational Fantasy Game.  It is 100% FREE!  The game is set to the Common Core Educational Standards, and is web-based, so it can be played on any device.  Many of the questions are accompanied by tutorials like the ones you saw here.

One Last Thing

If you like this post and found it helpful, please leave a brief comment.   As a teacher, perhaps the greatest reward I receive is from parents, children, and fellow teachers who use my strategies of education and succeed.

My mission in life and as an educator is to make people feel empowered, self-assured, and happy about who they are in this world!  We all have gifts to bestow upon our world.  Go forth and do so, and know that you are awesome!

Have a fantastic day – Brian McCoy


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