4.10.10 - Multipling Fractions - Book 10

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Easy to use!

July 5, 2024

Gwendolyn R.

This is great!

July 5, 2024

The video tutorials are clear and very helpful!

Brad M.

This is another great book!

July 5, 2024

The lessons are clear and easy to understand.

I absolutely love the videos. They are both informative and funny!


I really like all this author's products.

July 5, 2024

He does a great job of making the lessons are fun, and creating videos that are easy to understand. His videos help develop a deeper understanding of the math.

John J.

Thank you for making fractions fun!

July 5, 2024

Your videos are wonderful, and so helpful!

Kimberly D.

Easy to use, great word problems and videos.

July 5, 2024

Just post on your website or google classroom and students can work at their own pace.

Melissa N.

Great for students who need more challenging work. 4th grade

July 5, 2024

Abby K.

No Title

July 5, 2024

Over the past few years, I have been trying to put my finger on just what exactly gets kids excited about learning, and I have come up with the three V’s as an answer: videos, visuals, and variety. Luckily, this program has all three working for it… I’ll be using this program and any more Brian McCoy puts up for the rest of my teaching career.

Jon A.