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Educational Strategies

Everything You Need to Know about Ratios and Proportions

The Deadly Pit Book 3

I created this series entitled, The Deadly Pit for my students who need to know how to work with Rations and Proportions.  This article offers a number of free samples that teach the essential concepts of how to write ratios and then use those ratios to solve proportional problems.  Each problem is designed in a …

Educational Strategies

Free Video Notebooks For Mathematics That Make Learning Easy

Video Notebook - Ratios & Proportions

The following video notebooks are completely FREE and offer an easy way for children to learn about mathematics.  There are currently three video notebooks in this article: – Basic Operations in Mathematics – Ratios & Proportions – Algebraic Expressions I use these video notebooks within my class, and my students have show  significant improvement in …

Educational Strategies

Fun Video Tutorials that make Six Grade Algebra Easy

The Great Wall

Algebra tends to be an abstract educational strand that stops many children dead in their tracks.  In today’s ever increasing need for children to continue their educational careers into college, it is more important than ever to have a strong foundation in algebra.  This post includes fun videos that make six grade algebra easy!  These …

Educational Strategies

Assorted Stumper Problems 7.1

Assorted Stumper Problems are perfect for Remote Learning. Because each and every problem is linked to its own video tutorial, children can use this book while working from home.  This makes Assorted Stumper Problems extremely effective for both remote learning or homeschool teaching.  I have my students access this book through their Google Classroom accounts.  I …

Educational Strategies

Math Help Website: 4 Simple Strategies for Understanding Negative Numbers

Welcome to Dangerous Waters This Article is an Introduction to Negative Numbers This lesson is designed to offer math help online for children who are beginning to work with negative numbers.  Negative numbers tend to be a difficult concept for students to understand, because of their abstract nature.  It is easy to see a positive …

Educational Strategies

3 Simple Steps For Adding & Subtracting Large Numbers

These lessons are designed to offer math help online for children who struggle with addition & subtraction.  According to educational standards, by the time children leave second grade they should be able to add and subtract three digit numbers fluently.  In order to do this, children must know all their addition and subtraction facts from …

Educational Strategies

How to Play TeachersDungeon – Instructions for Students

Instructions for Students ONE Click on the photo above and go to our home page at You can Log into your student account using your USER NAME and PASSWORD. TWO CHANGING YOUR AVATAR Watch this quick video to learn how to change the look of your avatar. You can also see how to use your crystals to work your …

Educational Strategies

3 Simple Steps with Multiplication Facts for Kids that Teach How To Multiply Large Numbers

There’s an Easier Way for Children to Learn Multiplication! For years, I have watched children struggle with Multiple-Digit Multiplication, which begins with problems like, 97 x 86, then quickly increases in difficulty to problems like, 5,984 x 763, and finally culminates in multiplying decimals like 5.83 x 7.3.  Memorizing all the multiplication facts can be …

Educational Strategies

11-Steps to Understanding Fractions – This page includes math tutorial videos!

Welcome to Illustrating Fractions This Article is an Introduction to Fractions   This lesson is designed to offer math help online for children who are learning fractions.  There are 2 simple strategies that I teachthroughout all 11 steps in understanding fractions.  The 1st step is to draw a box and cut it into the number …

Educational Strategies

3rd Grade Reading Help – Four simple steps to ensure your child will excel in reading?

A special thanks to tim & annette for allowing me to use this photo from freeImages   When children enter 3rd grade, the emphasis changes from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”.  Because of this jump in the emphasis on reading, I call the following strategies 3rd Grade Reading Help, however, these strategies are great …