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Geometry Help with Easy to Understand Video Tutorials

Geometry Help - Polygons

Welcome to Video Notebook, where your child can see easy to understand video tutorials that cover important concepts within the subject of geometry.  I use the lessons in this article as an introduction to geometry for my six grade students.  The concepts within this article cover many important concepts for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade …

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Assorted Stumper Problems 7.1

Assorted Stumper Problems are perfect for Remote Learning. Because each and every problem is linked to its own video tutorial, children can use this book while working from home.  This makes Assorted Stumper Problems extremely effective for both remote learning or homeschool teaching.  I have my students access this book through their Google Classroom accounts.  I …

Educational Strategies

3 Simple Steps For Adding & Subtracting Large Numbers

These lessons are designed to offer math help online for children who struggle with addition & subtraction.  According to educational standards, by the time children leave second grade they should be able to add and subtract three digit numbers fluently.  In order to do this, children must know all their addition and subtraction facts from …

Educational Strategies

11-Steps to Understanding Fractions – This page includes math tutorial videos!

Welcome to Illustrating Fractions This Article is an Introduction to Fractions   This lesson is designed to offer math help online for children who are learning fractions.  There are 2 simple strategies that I teachthroughout all 11 steps in understanding fractions.  The 1st step is to draw a box and cut it into the number …

Educational Strategies

4-Simple Steps for Dividing – Each problem has a math tutorial video!

There’s an Easier Way for Children to Learn Long Division! For years I have watched children struggle with long division.    One major reason that is that memorizing all the multiplication facts can be difficult for some kids.    I have seen them get more and more frustrated as they rise through the grades.  Many …